How a Hearing Therapist can help

Support offered by Hearing Therapists

A hearing impairment is not always a visible problem so sometimes doesn’t arouse public sympathy. It can be difficult to explain to those around you what it is like to live with hearing loss. Hearing therapy provides a holistic, confidential service, with a programme devised to help each individual increase their confidence and learn coping strategies. The programme might include therapies such as one-to-one lip-reading lessons.

Managing Tinnitus

Managing Tinnitus

Have you ever come out of a loud concert or disco with ringing in your ears? If so, you know what it is like to experience tinnitus. Chris Martin, Sting, William Shatner and most famously Pete Townsend are all said to experience tinnitus related to their noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Many people who are only exposed to loud noise occasionally find that the ringing stops after a day or so but for others the buzzing, whistling or ringing may become part of every day life.

Nikki Stephens Hearing Therapist

BBC Guernsey Interview with Nikki Stephens

Hearing Therapist Nikki Stephens talks to BBC Guernsey about her role as a Hearing Therapist. The discussion includes practical advice and support through a variety of tools and techniques including lip reading, television listeners and doorbell ringers. Nikki’ supports her patients in coming to terms with hearing loss, as well as help them make informed decisions about treatment methods and preservation of residual hearing.