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Advice and support for adults with hearing difficulties
Hearing Workplace Assessment
Workplace Assessment
Ensure staff with any level of hearing loss receive the right support
You can arrange an appointment directly or by referral from your ENT consultant, Hearing Aid Audiologist, Physiotherapist or GP.
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For medical professionals to refer patients for hearing therapy. For cases of Tinnitus, patients will need to see a doctor in the first instance.
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For employers who wish to support their hearing impaired staff with a workplace assessment that accounts for their requirements.
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How can Hearing Therapy help?

If you have trouble hearing conversation, or have hearing aids but don’t use them, Hearing Therapy may be for you. Nikki Stephens is a Hearing Therapist based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire who provides advice and support to anyone over 16 who experiences difficulty with communicating due to a hearing problem.

Did you know:

  • 1 in 6 of the adult population in the UK has some form of hearing loss
  • about one third are of working age (16 – 64) and two thirds are of retirement age (over 65
  • more than 70% of over 70 year olds and 40% of over 50 year olds have some form of hearing loss
  • on average it takes 10 years for people to address their hearing loss
  • about 2 million people in the UK have hearing aids, but only 1.4 million use them regularly (Aids In Drawers)

Many hard of hearing people function very well day to day, but sometimes find themselves in circumstances that make hearing conversation difficult and it is then that their quality of life can be compromised.

Hearing Therapy Services provides a comprehensive rehabilitation service for adults with hearing difficulties. Find out about our range of services or get in touch to make an appointment.


Nikki's wide and varied skills as a Hearing Therapist were invaluable to us. The ability to draw on vast experience within the fields of hearing, patient assessment and support counselling was a great asset. Her empathetic manner reassures patients and helps guide them through the specific process or support pathway required. We have utilised her skills and knowledge in Tinnitus management, both pre and post hearing aid fitting counselling, and psychological issues, Cochlear implant counselling and other hearing related sub support subjects. Her involvement in the local Hard Of Hearing Association and island wide Deaf community will be greatly missed, as will her expertise and contribution to our team!

Mario Cavagnetto FSHAA, RHAD, AHHIP (Exec Member)

Managing Director : Advanced Hearing Services Ltd

Well I wish we still had you here in Guernsey to help the deaf people who have gone past the stage of 'hard of hearing'. It was really good to start with lip reading lessons and then to be guided on whether an implant would be a suitable option. All the extra help you gave me with telephoning and setting things up correctly was invaluable. There are times that family are unable to help, and outside help is especially wonderful if you live on your own. I gather that after a cochlear implant, help and therapy are essential. I am thrilled you are setting up something in Cheltenham for people there. I wish you all success.

Mrs J B, Guernsey

in assessment for a cochlear implant at the Auditory Implant Service, University of Southampton

Nikki worked with me when I had my cochlear implant, at what was an extremely challenging time. Her warm, reassuring and professional manner coupled with her vast experience of hearing loss made the whole process much easier and I felt supported at every stage. Nikki was particularly helpful when I experienced a distressing episode of tinnitus and was able to equip me with a range of coping strategies. I would not hesitate to recommend Nikki. She really understands and empathises with the issues faced by individuals and families affected by hearing loss and offers a wide range of practical and emotional support – you will leave her offices with a smile on your face!

Mrs A L, Southampton

Nikki Stephens was such a help to me when I was going through the process of having my cochlear implant. She was very professional and so kind and helpful.

Mrs C M, Hampshire

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